Gypsy Wife

Pictured on the shores of Lake Michigan is a quilt inspired by Jen Kingwell pattern, “Gypsy Wife.”

I did not follow the pattern but used it as a guide. I began by making various sized blocks from scrap fabric and tossing them in a bin. I did not use all of the blocks from the bin.

I cut 1 1/2 inch strips from scraps and tossed them in a bin. I was so tempted to use 2 1/2 inch strips because I had tons of them and that way I did not have to cut them. I am so glad I did not take this short cut. The pattern called for 1 1/2 inches and also 1 inch strips. I found that 1 inch strips were necessary in certain places. Mostly I grabbed strips out of the bin, not paying too much attention to color.

gypsey 2.jpg

I worked on adding blocks and strips until I had two large sections.

This picture shows that I added a block when the 1 1/2 inch strips were not long enough to meet the next added block.

I used a stencil on the black border because I wanted to use cream colored thread. Typically, I’d use black thread on a black border but I did not want black thread showing on the back side. I’m not that great at free motion so I welcomed the use of the stencil.

gypsey 6.jpg

This was a fun scrap buster quilt to piece. Here are a few recommendations if you want to jump into making a similar quilt.

  • don’t worry about color

  • let the strips dangle until you know for certain what you want to add next.

  • use a background fabric even though there’s not a background. I used the background fabric as a go to when I needed a long strip because I was working from a scrap bin for my strips.

  • make up your own rules and try to stick with them (ie, my strips could not end until they met with a block)

  • don’t make yourself crazy if the quilt looks a bit wonky

  • make it any size that works for you (mine is about the size of my dining room table)

  • enjoy!

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