The Dark Side. . . or Not - Moda Bake Shop Layer Cake Quilt

This quilt is definitely on the dark side because the directions link is no longer operational so I can’t share it with you. I first saw this quilt on Pinterest and was able to get directions by clicking on the visit tab. That click brought me to Moda Bake Shop but no more. I spent time searching for it on the Moda Bake Shop site with no luck. But. . . I did find a ton of easy, quick quilts patterns that Moda offers for free. Check it out.

1.2 front with logo.jpg

When I saw the Pinterest post, I remembered that I had a layer cake in my stash similar to the one posted. I buy those deal of the day on Missouri Star. They end up in a bin for a long time because I can’t decide what I want to make. Does this sound familiar?

1.2 front.jpg
close iu.jpg

I used an all over swirl hook pattern and as much as it got tedious, it is finished. The backing fabric was some other stash fabric. I feel pretty good that I pulled this one out of hat. How do you use your stash stuff when it is overtaking your space?

1.2 bacj.jpg

I’d love to hear your comments so please let me know ways that you use your precious stash fabric..