Bargello by Number

My local quilt store was closing its doors so I took advantage of a close out sale to purchase this Bargello pattern and fabric.

full no logo.jpg
bagello quilt pic.jpg

This pattern was fun and easy.


Naturally, I purchased several yards of excess fabric.


The pattern calls for 2 1/2 x 42 strips and two 14 inch width of fabric background fabric. I laid them out darkkest to lightest.

paper numbers.jpg

The 2 1/2 strips were sewn together and sandwiched between the 14 inch background fabrics. The number strips then get sewn on using a zig zag stitch. Cut using the paper strips as a guide.

paper 2.jpg

The pattern directs the number and orientation for each panel.

great close up.jpg
stripped close up.JPG
full logo.jpg

I have enough fabric to make this same quilt, or use the fabric in another quilt. In the meantime, I miss my LQS. It sure was fun selecting all this fabric in one shopping spree.