Three Baby Quilts with Same Fabrics

I bought fabric, I think it was a fat quarter, and it lasted forever. I made at least three quilts using the same fabric. Take a look at three that I was able to retrieve from my photo library.

crosshatch 1.JPG

I braved record low temperatures in the Midwest to snap an outdoor picture of this Crosshatch baby quilt.


I tried to strategically place the colors. I had no way to lay it out because I had a confined space. I made sure to have a yellow, dark blue and white in most rows. Sometimes Iā€™d rip and add a square where needed.


Here is a shot of the back.

extra crosshatch.jpg

Here is a different quilt with the same fabric.


This quilt is the reason why I bought the fabric.

Three baby quilts made from same fabric. This video shows the crosshatch baby quilt and two other ones.