Jelly Roll Experiment

Greetings!  I went off the deep edge and experimented with a jelly roll. I usually find a quilt pictured online, copy it, and/or follow the directions for an online tutorial or pattern.  One day I just grabbed a jelly roll from my stash and attacked it. I can't say that I'm ready for prime time. But, I had fun creating this quilt. I just went with it. I  did not stress out on the outcome. 

 I attempted to duplicate a technique that I used when I made a Bargello quilt. I sewed 7 WOF strips together.

 Cut the strips into 2 1/ 2 inch strips.

Rip 2 1/2 squares form the top and sew to the bottom of the strip. This is a technique I learned when making a Bargello quilt. It makes a diagonal pattern. However, I used a jelly roll so it made a scrappy looking diagonal quilt. As pictured, rip seam between the gray and patterned black and add the solid black to the red at the place of the arrow. 

Create blocks. Sew blocks together. I had a piece of batting and measured the borders to fit the batting. I know, usually you cut the batting to fit the quilt. I didn't do that. In fact, the top and bottom borders are larger than the side ones.  This makes for a longer quilt.


I love the periwinkle with the burnt red.


This is the back. This is a close up but really the comfort of the quilt is not lost on the imperfection of the free motion quilting. 

I hope the take-away is to get out of your comfort zone. There are no rules in quilting. Have you ever made a quilt to fit the batting?  What other rules have you broken?  Let me hear from you. I love your comments. Thanks for visiting!  Best, Mary