Live and Learn

I saw a tutorial on the Missouri Star Company page and it motivated me to use some of my jelly rolls. The name of the patterns is Sticks-Stones.  I added the link below.   I changed it up a bit because I did not want to use white thinking it might look more juvenile.  So, I decided to use a teal blue 2 1/2 square in the design rather than white.  Oops, it did not show as much of the design as it should.  So, here it is pictured.




I love the colors in this quilt but the design would be more pronounced with white squares.  It would provide more contrast.

I knew it was a goof up as soon as I laid out the first few blocks.  I thought that a teal border might bring out more of the design.  It helped a bit.  I learned that I must not only pay close attention to tone, but I have to consider contrast.  I'm learning as I go along.    Once this piece gets quilted and gifted I know it will be loved.  I'm on to my next one.  If anyone knows a great resource about choosing colors, please let me know.  Best, Mary